Plan the Perfect surprise Engagement Proposal with Kimi on Solo Violin

There’s nothing more romantic than a Surprise Engagement Proposal on a London rooftop, just before Christmas, with a Solo Violinist serenading your very lucky lady with her favourite song!

Simon contacted Kimi to ask for help planning an amazing surprise engagement proposal for his very special girlfriend. After asking for advice on what would be the best musical package to allow for the big surprise to work out as planned he chose to hire violinist Kimi and had her create an arrangement of “Your Song’ by Elton John to be performed at the correct moment.

The venue for the big night was the private rooftop cinema at The Berkley Hotel, London. As the happy couple snuggled up under the stars, surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights and trees to watch their favourite film Love Actually, Kimi was to sneak up outside and make an entrance at the perfect time for Simon to get down on one knee!

If you know the film well you’ll know halfway through the film hapless romantic ‘Mark’ declares his love for Keira Knightley’s character on a set of cards he holds up as Silent Night plays on a portable stereo. This time instead Simon turned down the film music and Kimi came in, violin in hand (Handed Simon his pre-prepared set of jumbo cards!!) and played Silent Night as Simon acted out the scene from the movie in front of his wide-eyed girlfriend, then as Simon got down on one knee to pop the big question Kimi segued straight into Your Song.

Louise was completely overwhelmed with joy and burst into tears as she gave Simon the all important YES! An absolutely unforgettable and delightful London engagement proposal!

Simon was kind enough to send a follow up email saying,

“Thank you so much for yesterday, it was all absolutely perfect and I really appreciate your help in making it run smoothly.”